I have been going to Susan for over a couple of years now and I must say she is an amazing instructor. Her enthusiasm and love for Pilates was apparent from the first class I had with her. Susan never stops challenging you. She shows a deep commitment to her clients and to Pilates, always learning new movements and ways to take what you can do to the next more difficult level. If you want an instructor who shows a true passion for Pilates & also cares about improving her client’s overall health, strength & performance then you have found the right place with Motion Management!


Motion Management is amazing! Susan does such a great job at teaching a beginner like me the importance of technique. She makes it fun and enjoyable. Great atmosphere!


I have been going to sessions with Susan for 9 months now. She is wonderful! I have seen so much improvement in my core strength and flexibility and I look thinner! I was not very coordinated or used to using my core muscles as I sit at a desk 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I was suffering constantly from neck and shoulder pain from hunching over the computer all day. Susan has worked these areas in my sessions and I don’t have the pain except on occasion and a session alleviates the pain. Her method of getting me moving from the get-go and slowly fine-tuning my movements throughout an exercise is effective. I tried another studio where there was so much emphasis on doing the exercise correctly from the start that I wasn’t progressing and was bored. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable not just about the way to do the exercise but explaining how the muscle groups work and the purpose of each exercise. In addition, she ensures that I am moving in such a way as to not hurt myself. I feel and look better than I have in years and I owe it all to Susan! I highly encourage you to take Pilates with Susan.


Susan’s unique style of teaching stems from her contagious enthusiasm and ability to motivate her clients. Her studio provides the both privacy and professional atmosphere that I have been looking for. To say she is flexible with her schedule is an understatement, Susan goes out of her way to work around my hectic schedule. After my sessions with Susan, I know that I am doing something good for myself, and I am inspired to keep going. Do yourself a favor and schedule some time with Motion Management, it will change the way you feel inside and out.


Susan makes Pilates so much fun, you don’t realize how hard you are working. Her instruction is patient, encouraging and easy to follow. Even if you are a beginner to Pilates, she will make you believe and achieve a Teaser!”

Martha R.


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